Personal Injury Lawyers for Albuquerque & Beyond

You’re looking for a personal injury lawyer in Albuquerque. Why choose us?

1. We truly are LOCAL experts.

We have been serving the New Mexico community for over 20 years. We live and work in Albuquerque. We are a part of this community and care passionately about getting maximum compensation for injured victims. We know its laws, courts, attorneys, and system inside out.

We have the expertise and local knowledge and we will be there for you every step of the way.

2. We consider our clients friends, not numbers.

In large billboard firms, you can get lost in the crowd and become just a number. We keep our caseload deliberately small so we can pay personal attention to each of our clients. If you are our client, you will find we treat you like a friend. We are sincerely interested in you, your story, your family, and how we can help provide you with the compassionate legal support you need.

3. We keep our promises and talk straight.

We bring compassion, perseverance, and integrity into every case. When we say we handle your case personally, we mean it: we will be there at the beginning when you tell us your story and we will be there at the end of your case, providing guidance until trial or settlement. No matter how tough the questions or complex the issue, we will always tell you the truth and take the time to help you understand every detail thoroughly.

4. We win when you win because we are in this together

We do not charge you a cent until we have won your case. And then we never take more than you receive in your pocket. We believe you come first and it shows.

We help people fight to receive deserved compensation, but we are more than personal injury lawyers in Albuquerque – we are proud members of the New Mexico community and we are here to help our clients…our friends…rebuild and move forward.

Personal Injury Lawyers for Albuquerque & Beyond

If you have been hurt, you deserve local personal injury lawyers who will fight for you – and you will find that expert legal representation at New Mexico Biker Lawyer.

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We’re proud to be different from other injury law firms. We bring multiple attorneys to focus on your case, so you can focus on getting better.