Motorcycle accident attorney, Eva, recently went live on the New Mexico Biker Lawyer Facebook page to explain the importance of acting fast after an accident:

Good morning, everyone. It’s another Thursday, a day when we often bid farewell to clients as their cases come to a close. Today, I want to emphasize the critical importance of timely evidence collection.

Why Evidence is Time Sensitive

In many cases, particularly those involving commercial vehicles, we need to quickly download black box data. Commercial businesses, including semi-truck operators and delivery companies, are eager to get their vehicles back on the road and their inventory moving. They are not inclined to leave their vehicles in storage for extended periods.

This urgency means we must act fast to deploy accident reconstructionists and download essential data. Additionally, witness memories fade over time, and locating witnesses months or a year after an accident becomes increasingly challenging.

Steps for Effective Evidence Collection

Our first step is always to contact witnesses promptly, gather their statements, and secure their contact information for future reference. We also collect police records and any other documents related to first responders, which are invaluable in building a strong case.

If your vehicle or motorcycle is in a tow or salvage yard, I prefer to personally inspect it. There’s often crucial evidence to be found, such as paint transfers or specific damages that can support your case. However, this can only be done if we are contacted soon after the accident.

Don’t Rely Solely on Insurance Companies

If you’re thinking your insurance company will handle everything, remember that issues like comparative fault and significant injuries can complicate matters. It’s always better to consult with us to discuss your situation. Whether you need our services or not, it’s important to make an informed decision about quickly securing evidence.

The Clock is Ticking

Time flies, and evidence can be lost, memories can fade, and people can move away. Quick action is crucial in these cases to preserve the integrity of the evidence.